Sustainability Initiatives

European starch producers do their part every day to make our world more sustainable. 

All working in the same direction

The European starch sector innovates continuously, in its ingredients as well as in its efforts to increase its own sustainability and that of its myriad customers.

As well as the many initiatives taken by Starch Europe on a sector-wide level, many of Starch Europe’s members – individually, through joint ventures or national associations – work tirelessly to do more and do better every day.

Beyond the flagship initiatives highlighted here, sectoral initiatives are plentiful, and span across all three pillars of sustainability: economic, social, and environmental.

Our Members' Inititiatives

While some actions are taken all together as a sector, our members take initiatives every day, individually or in smaller groups, to explore every avenue available to make the EU more sustainable.  

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  • peasdecarbonisation

    The first study about environmental impact of Pea products in Europe

    We are facing new challenges in the food sector: customers want cost-effective, healthy diets with a lower environmental impact.

    Initiative by:  Emsland Group, Roquette, Cosucra

  • green energyelectrification

    Cargill, Vattenfall and Windpark Hanze accelerate the green energy transition in the Netherlands

    Cargill and Vattenfall are partnering with Dutch Windpark Hanze to build a wind farm that is expected to reduce CO2 emissions by around 350,000 metric tons a year

    Initiative by:  Cargill

  • GHGemissions reductions

    Roquette’s Emissions reduction targets approved by the science-based target initiative (SBTi)

    Roquette wants to make a positive impact by continuing to reduce our environmental footprint.

    Initiative by:  Roquette

  • energywaste heat

    An innovative waste heat recovery project

    In partnership with energy supplier Fluvius, Tereos has committed to developing the first carbon-neutral low-temperature heating network in the Belgian city of Aalst.

    Initiative by:  Tereos

  • sustainable sourcingagriculture

    Sustainably sourced Corn and Wheat

    Consumers are increasingly conscious about what they buy, wanting to know exactly where their purchases come from and how they are made.

    Initiative by:  Cargill

  • regenerative agriculture

    Roquette & Tereos join the transitions program led by Vivescia Cooperative to take action from upstream to downstream

    Alongside two other industrial partners, Roquette has chosen to join the Transitions program launched in September 2023 by the French Vivescia cooperative group.

    Initiative by:  Roquette, Tereos

  • reportingsustainability

    Using Nature to Create

    For us, sustainability is not some empty phrase because we have been relying on the innovative power of nature since 1928. This harmony with our natural resources is present in all our ideas and in each of our products.

    Initiative by:  Emsland Group

  • sustainable sourcingtraceabilityagriculture

    Providing high-quality raw materials while ensuring the conservation of natural resources

    providing high-quality raw materials while ensuring the conservation of natural resources

    Initiative by:  Sedamyl

  • decarbonisationsustainability

    Reducing our Scope 1 and 2 emissions around the globe

    Cargill prioritizes efforts to reduce emissions across our global operations, including facilities that have the most impact on our Scope 1 and 2 emissions.

    Initiative by:  Cargill

  • sustainable sourcingagriculture

    Cargill’s Waxy Corn Sustainable Sourcing

    To ensure a long-term sustainable crop supply for food starch, Cargill has committed to source waxy corn 100% sustainably from European farmers.

    Initiative by:  Cargill

  • regenerative agriculture

    Mitigating Climate Change through regenerative agriculture

    Regenerative agriculture is how Cargill is working to mitigate climate change, regenerate soil and improve water use, while nourishing the world in a more sustainable way.

    Initiative by:  Cargill