About us

The European Starch Industry Association, Starch Europe, is the trade association which represents the interests of the EU starch industry both at European and international level. Its membership comprises 28 EU starch producing companies, together representing more than 95% of the EU starch industry, and, in associate membership, 7 national starch industry associations.


Starch Europe’s mission is to promote and protect the reputation of starch products and the interests of EU starch producers to EU and international institutions and stakeholders, in order to assure a reliable and sustainable supply of safe starch based ingredients in a fair competitive environment.

Key objectives:

  • The industry’s access to a sufficient supply of raw materials of good quality at competitive prices.

  • Fair competition between EU starch products and the other products with which they compete in all food, feed and non-food applications.

  • Increased recognition of the starch industry as a key player in the development of the bio-economy.

  • Ensure that technical rules applicable to the production, sales and use of starch-based products do not affect our freedom to operate on an equal basis with competing products.

  • International trade rules which maintain the competitiveness of the EU starch industry.

  • Promote the understanding of the key functions that the diverse range of starch based ingredients and co-products play in food, feed and industrial applications.

  • Promote industry good practice in assuring the safety, quality and sustainability both of starch based ingredients and co-products and of the raw materials from which they are mad


  • Agree common EU starch industry positions amongst its members on all EU and international policy and other developments impacting the sector

  • Advocate those positions to all relevant EU and international stakeholders, most notably the EU institutions, but also other involved stakeholders, including the media.

As the representative body of the EU starch industry, Starch Europe also plays a key role in the collection and dissemination of industry data, the management of joint research projects and the promotion of self regulation and industry best practice, through initiatives such as EFISC and the Eco-profile study.

Starch EU Key messages

Starch is the most important carbohydrate in the human diet

Starch is the most important carbohydrate in the human diet. Thanks to their versatility, starch products provide a wide choice [...]

Starch is a natural, renewable resource for millions of Europeans.

The fundamental link Starch is a fundamental link in the value chain between agriculture and thousands [...]

Starch Europe represents a dynamic, growing and technology-driven industry

Starch Europe is a partner to governments, industry and other stakeholders who support a strong, sustainable starch industry. [...]

A positive, progressive policy environment is essential, if the starch industry is to remain an important contributor to economic growth in Europe.

Facilitating the needs of consumers and industry Innovation: Innovation plays an integral role in the European [...]

European-produced starch sits at the heart of thousands of products that we encounter in our daily lives.

Mainstay of the European economy The production of starch has been a mainstay of the European [...]


In October 2014, The European Starch Industry Association, formerly known as the AAF, was renamed Starch Europe. The AAF was formed in 2006 as a merger between the former EU association of cereal starch producers, the AAC (itself the result of a merge between AAM, the EU association of EU maize starch producers, the AAB, the EU association of wheat starch producers and the EU association of rice starch producers), and the former EU association of potato starch producers, the UFE, both of which date back to 1959. Starch Europe’s main decision making body is the General Assembly. It meets once a year and all Starch Europe members are represented.

The General Assembly’s main responsibilities are to:

  • Approve budgets, annual accounts and the audit report
  • Approve annual priorities
  • Appoint and discharge the administrators, the managing director and the auditor
  • Appoint and exclude members
  • Amend, when necessary, the Association’s by-laws


Executive Committee

In order to manage and implement its annual priorities, the General Assembly appoints an Executive Committee, consisting of a cross section of the members, amongst whom are the Association’s administrators (the President and the four vice presidents). The Executive Committee meets as appropriate but typically four times a year. The current members of the Executive Committee are:

PresidentChristophe Rupp DahlemHead of Public Affairs – Roquette
Vice presidentAlain DufaitManaging Director Starches & Sweeteners – Cargill
Vice presidentGerard Ten BolscherManaging Director R&D and innovation – Member of the Executive Committee – AVEBE
Vice presidentGustav DeitersCEO – Crespel and Deiters
Vice presidentChristopher Hervé
Executive Director – Tereos Starch & Sweeteners Europe
Michael Andreae-JäckeringManaging Director – Jäckering
Ismael RoigPresident EMEA – ADM
Axel BondeJuridical expert – EU afffairs – KMC
Fritz GattermayerChief Sales Officer – Agrana

The day to day management of Starch Europe is the responsibility of the Managing Director with the support of the secretariat. Starch Europe also appoints special committees and working groups to deal with specific issues or sets of issues. They meet as required and report to the Executive Committee.