Get to know our industry of today & tomorrow!

Since 2019 Starch Europe and its members have been organising a pan-European campaign under the title BeyondStarch - get to know our industry of today and tomorrow.

The idea behind this campaign is and has been to showcase our industry to all stakeholders, from policy makers to consumers, by explaining what we do, what we produce, and explaining why we do it.

In 2019, the campaign - which lasted 6 weeks from mid-October to the end of November, saw a wide array of events and activities organised by all participating Starch Europe members across Europe to showcase the innovative and vibrant European starch industry.

This year's difficult events have prevented us from organising physical events, but this hasn't stopped us from doing what we can to continue to introduce ourselves to you, and as you will see, some event are still happening, online.

We hope to be back next year with a fuller offering including physical events.

In short, we can't wait to meet you again.

Upcoming Events

News #BeyondStarch

EU food companies face closure as they buckle under strain of energy crisis – @EURACTIV By our @NatashaFoote

❗Ahead of tomorrow's Extraordinary #Energy Council we have co-published a statement on the main concerns & the considerable impact of the current #energycrisis on the #agrifood sector with @COPACOGECA and @FoodDrinkEU.

Read here:


Meet PFP member @FEDIOL_EU, the association representing the interests of #EU #oilseed crushers, #vegoils refiners & bottlers, working in >180 facilities across Europe. Members process approximately 55M tonnes of commodities yearly 👉 🌴🌻🥑

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