Starch is a fundamental link in the value chain between agriculture and thousands of end products in both food and non-food applications.

Starch is the most important carbohydrate in the human diet. In food applications, which represent 60% of starch applications in the EU, we develop nature-based ingredients that enhance their texture, flavour and nutritional values.

In addition to its uses in many food products, starch has multiple non-food applications. Ranging from hydrolysed wheat starch found in shampoos to dextrose found in pharmaceutical applications, the European Starch industry is continuously seeking to push the envelope with new applications and uses.

From the production phase to the supermarket shelf, starch has numerous uses. In industrial applications, we utilise traditional starch-based ingredients, plus high-performance specialties and advanced green solutions to develop products used in fermentation, chemical, cosmetics, textile, paper, plastics and detergent industries. Because starch is renewable and biodegradable it is also a perfect raw material to act as a substitute for fossil-fuel components in numerous chemical applications including plastics, detergents and glues.

Link: The uses of starch

January 6, 2015