As a founding member of the European Bioeconomy Alliance (EUBA), Starch Europe fully supports the alliance's latest statement on the revised delegated act on climate-related objectives:

Despite improvement, more changes are needed to allow European bioeconomy to be part of the solution towards climate neutrality

The EUBA takes note of the revised draft Delegated Act on climate-related objectives that was presented to the Member States’ Expert Group on Sustainable Finance on 24 March. While we recognise that the revised Delegated Act’s Annex I has made improvements in certain activities, we consider that further modifications are still needed to fully enable EU bioeconomy supply chains and their outlets to contribute successfully towards climate change mitigation and adaptation and ultimately towards the EU’s goal of climate neutrality. These modifications are needed because the Delegated Act still fails to recognise existing sustainable practices under the Renewable Energy Directive as sustainable.

Read More on the EUBA's website, or download the PDF here.

April 15, 2021