Starch Europe Position on the EU Farm to Fork Strategy

Starch Europe welcomes publication of the Farm to Fork strategy. EU starch producers, and other primary food processors, will be key enablers in the move towards a more sustainable food system. EU policies need to reflect the sector’s potential and challenges. With that policy support, the EU starch sector can play a key role in increasing transparency, meeting changing consumer needs and developing a more efficient and sustainable food system, whilst also maintaining the need for food security and food safety. 

The sector is already an important contributor to an EU sustainable food system through its leadership in the EU bioeconomy across food, feed and industrial applications and looks forward to working with the European Commission and other stakeholders on detailed proposals to help improve that contribution further. 

To read our full position, as well as to better understand the European Starch Industry's current contribution to a sustainable food system, click below:

To Read our Executive Summary on the Starch Europe Position on the EU Farm to Fork Strategy, CLICK HERE.

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Click Here to Download the PDF: Starch Europe Farm to Fork Position 2020 - FINAL

September 23, 2020