15 October 2019

BRUSSELS, BELGIUM  - Starch Europe today announced the kick-off of the Beyond Starch campaign.

This 6-week pan-European activity campaign, which coincides with Starch Europe’s 60th anniversary, will see actors of the starch industry hold a series of events and activities across Europe, to showcase the industry and its great diversity of ingredients, as well as its importance in the EU economy. The campaign will last until the end of November.

A total of 25 events in 11 EU member states are planned, with the aim of helping customers, consumers, employees and other stakeholders alike learn more about this industry and its many ingredients. These events will include open days at certain starch plants, meetings and tours for local and national stakeholders, educational events for schools as well as for employees, all to introduce the industry and educate them about the ingredients produced.

“We are very excited to launch the Beyond Starch campaign today”, said Alain Dufait, President of Starch Europe. “It represents a great example of the industry’s desire to step up and play its role in informing and educating customers and consumers alike on our industry and ingredients, and of course is a great opportunity to showcase our innovative industry and its long and proud history.”

A website was launched with information on the campaign:


Starch Europe have also published their Policy Priorities for 2019-2024 today.

Firmly wishing to cement the European starch industry as a partner for the new European Parliament and Commission, and with an overall positive outlook for the times ahead, Starch Europe nonetheless point out a number of issues on which it hopes to work together with these institutions.

“The EU starch industry undoubtedly faces some challenges in the times ahead, but overall our outlook remains positive”, said Alain Dufait, President of Starch Europe “With the right policy environment, I believe we are uniquely positioned, as an industry, to make an even greater contribution to the EU economy in the future.”

Starch Europe’s policy priorities for the new European Commission and Parliament include CAP, the Single Market, support to research and innovation, an international level playing field including with the UK, and a science-based nutrition policy.

For more information on Starch Europe’s Policy Priorities 2019-2024, or to read the publication, visit Policy Priorities 2019-2024.




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Starch Europeis the trade association which represents the interests of the EU starch industry both at European and international level. Its membership comprises 27 EU starch producing companies, together representing more than 95% of the EU starch industry and, in associate membership, 7 national starch industry associations. The European starch industry manufactures over six hundred products including native starches, modified starches, liquid and solid sweeteners as well as oils, proteins and fibres that are used as ingredients and functional supplements in a vast array of food, feed and industrial applications.

October 15, 2019