In its continuous efforts to help better inform customers and consumers about starch-based ingredients, how they are produced, where and why they are used in final food and drink products and how they are labelled, Starch Europe recently added a product factsheets on plant-based proteins to its collection of product factsheet, which already include factsheets on starch, glucose syrups, glucose fructose syrups and maltodextrins. These will be widely distributed at every relevant opportunity.

Here is the link to the Plant-Based Proteins factsheet:

To see the other product factsheets of Starch Europe, and to find more information on our ingredients, how they are made, and why they are used in food, please visit


November 4, 2019

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3. Plant-based

We offer a vast range of plant-based ingredients improving food and drink.

We offer a vast range of plant-based ingredients, including carbohydrates, proteins and fibres, to make food and drink taste better, last longer, and be more sustainable and nutritious.