19 November 2015

Press release 

Starch Europe presents its first safety awards

Ensuring the health and safety of their employees is a major priority for all Starch Europe member companies.

Not only do all starch plants in the EU obviously comply with all relevant national, EU and international health and safety legislation, they also implement their own internal systems to minimize the possibility of accidents occurring. As announced in its sustainability position paper, published in June 2015, Starch Europe decided in 2014 to launch the Starch Europe safety awards which recognize the best performing EU starch plants in minimizing accidents in the work place.

There are two awards:

The year award – awarded to plants which registered no employee lost workday cases involving days away from work for the calendar year, and no employee and no non-employee workplace fatalities for the calendar year.

The million hour award – awarded to plants which registered 1 million consecutive employee hours without an employee lost workday case and without a workplace-related fatality of an employee or non-employee during the period.

Participation in the awards is voluntary and requires those plants who participate to report on a quarterly basis to PWC, who are responsible for ensuring the consistency and validity of the data, the number of hours worked and any working days lost over the recorded period. The collection of this data started from 1 July 2014.

41 of the 78 plants in the EU represented by the 24 member companies of Starch Europe, participated in the safety award scheme from 1 July 2014 to 30 June 2015. Since no single plant has yet recorded one million hours worked, only the year award is being awarded in 2015.

Starch Europe is delighted to announce that the following 15 plants have received the certificate for the safety year award for 2014/2015:



Country Company Plant Country Company Plant
Denmark ·  AKV AKV Langholt AmbA Poland ·  Cargill Wroclaw PL
France ·  Roquette Frères Beinheim FR Slovakia ·  Tate & Lyle Tate & Lyle Slovakia
Germany ·  Cargill Barby Germany Spain ·  Cargill

·  Roquette Frères

·  Tereos Starch & Sweeteners Europe

Martorell ESP

Benifayo ESP


Italy ·  Cargill

·  Tereos Starch & Sweeteners Europe

Castelmassa Italy

Sedamyl Italy

Netherlands ·  Cargill

·  Cargill

·  Tate & Lyle

Bergen op Zoom NL

Sas van Gent NL

Tate & Lyle NL

UK ·  Roquette Frères

·  Tereos Starch & Sweeteners Europe

Corby UK

Sedalcol UK Ltd


Our congratulations to the first winners.

Link : Starch Europe presents its first safety awards

Contact information:
Jamie Fortescue
Managing Director
Direct line: +32 (0)2 289 67 67
E-mail: jamie.Fortescue@starch.eu


November 19, 2015

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