AAF and its membership are aware of, and are monitoring both the past and the present crisis arising from the illegal use of melamine in order to artificially boost the nitrogen content of protein containing foods originating from China.

Such crisis may have caused concerns whether melamine or any similar substance, is used in the products of our industry.

AAF would like to re-iterate that the proteins of our industry (e.g. wheat gluten, corn gluten meal - as it is or modified – rice barley proteins) are extracted from cereals and potato, during starch manufacturing, and are not subject to any addition of other protein or nitrogen containing products.

AAF members take this issue very seriously and strongly oppose to the above illegal practice.

The EU starch industry applies strict Quality Management Systems in line with ISO, GMP and other certification requirements and meeting the applicable requirements of the EU laws in order to provide a consistently high quality, purity and safety of its products. The EU starch producers reassure that they will continue to supply safe and high quality products to their customers.

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March 1, 2009