Market data confirms isoglucose sales drop for third consecutive year


Brussels, Belgium – New data released by Starch Europe confirms the continued drop in sales of glucose-fructose syrups and fructose-glucose syrups (also known as isoglucose) for the third year running.

Market data, collected from Starch Europe members, show an 8% drop, year-on-year, for 2020. This follows drops of 7% in both 2018 and 2019, completing the picture for the three years following the abolition of the EU quota system.

2017 2018 2019 2020
(>41% Fructose)
628.958 584.972 (-7%) 544.143 (-7%) 500.147 (-8%)
Of which F42 373.699 344.184 303.945 285.222
Of which F55 224.760 213.823 214.093 190.141

Commenting on the figures, Starch Europe Managing Director, Jamie Fortescue said “Likely drivers of the decline in isoglucose sales were the relatively low price of sugar between 2017 and 2019 as well as  the increased attention of consumers to reduce their sugars intake coupled with the reformulation initiatives by our customers, In 2020 this decline was further exacerbated by COVID 19 restrictions, notably the closures of bars, hotels, and restaurants across Europe which negatively impacted consumption of soft drinks and beverages.”

He continued. “It is important to note that isoglucose only constitutes 3% of our sector’s sales. Thanks to the incredible versatility of the starch sector, any losses are compensated for by increased demand for native starches and plant-based proteins from both food and non-food customers. EU starch producers continue to focus production on the starch-based ingredients for which customer demand is highest.”

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December 8, 2021