The uses of starch

Processed Foods

Jam, jellies and fruit preserves

Glucose syrup inhibits sugar crystallisation, improves taste and consistency and enhances the spreadability and flavour of jams, jellies and food preserves.
It also enables producers to reach optimal sweetness levels, and enhances fruit flavours.

Deep-frozen foods

Frozen fruits, especially strawberries are too sweet when frozen in concentrated sugar solutions. Fruits frozen in glucose syrups have improved thawing characteristics. Glucose syrups also promote film build up and are therefore ideal for increasing the storage life of deep-frozen fish products. Finally, starch products prevent rancidity, oxidation and colour changes in deep-frozen foods.

Instant soups and sauces

The thickening properties of native and modified starches are used in canned, aseptic packaged and instant soups, and in the gravy and sauces for canned and frozen meat preparations. Modified starches together with glucose are also used in ketchup, sauces and mayonnaise to regulate viscosity and as a sweetener.

Meat and fish products

The production of dry sausages, frankfurters, salamis, brine cured hams, surimi, all require the use of starch products. They enhance flavour, reduce nitrate and nitrite levels, improve colour and reduce water retention. Also, starch products prevent damage to the fish protein when surimi is deep-frozen.