The uses of starch

Paper & board

Starch products are used in paper bags, tissues and packaging paper, corrugating board, and stationery – for, for example, wet end addition, size-press and surface coating. It would be virtually impossible to make paper in all its current varieties and qualities without the help of starch products, because internal strength and surface “feel” both depend on it. Starch also improves the printability and writing properties of paper. It is added at several stages of the production process : while the paper is still a cellulose pulp, when it is passing through the drying rollers, and as a final coating to meet the many special requirements of printer.
Typically printing and writing papers contain 4.1% starch, paper board 2% starch and domestic and industrial papers 1.9% starch.The growing use of recycled paper requires more and more starch quantities to avoid deterioration of the quality of fibres during recycling.