Mainstay of the European economy

The production of starch has been a mainstay of the European economy since the 18th century having first been produced from wheat, and later potatoes and maize all of which are grown in the European Union.


Europe is the world’s leading producer of potato and wheat starch. It is also at the forefront of production of certain starch-co-products including fibres and proteins as well as wheat gluten; in addition to its annual production of 10 million tonnes of starch and starch derivatives, the EU starch industry produces 5 million tonnes of these starch co-products every year.

Starch co-products

Compared with the worlds other major starch-producing region, the EU has the most diverse raw material base across wheat, potato and maize.

The European starch industry is an important employer, making vital contributions to local economies across the continent. Being located primarily in rural areas where employment opportunities are often scarce, EU starch plants provide an invaluable source of income and employment to the many EU farmers who cultivate the raw materials from which starch is produced.

The European Starch Market in Figures


October 8, 2014