Between the Farm and the Fork: A lively discussion for Starch Europe's annual conference


29 October 2020

Brussels, Belgium – Starch Europe held its annual conference yesterday October 28,  hosted by MEP Asger Christensen (European Parliament, Renew Europe), on the theme Between the Farm and the Fork: How can the starch industry contribute to a more sustainable food system.

This online debate with high-level panelists including Marius Vaščega (European Commission, Head of Cabinet Commissioner Virginijus Sinkevičius), Sabine Juelicher (Director, DG Sante), Friedrich Wacker (Director General, EU-Affairs, International Cooperation, Fisheries; German Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture), and Christophe Rupp-Dahlem (Starch Europe President), saw a lively discussion on the challenges for all actors in the food chain, including the starch industry, of the proposed EU Farm to Fork strategy.

The panelists also discussed the crucial role of the European starch industry in achieving the goals of the EU Green Deal and Farm to Fork Strategy. This includes its key role in the EU Bioeconomy, but also through its strong efforts to continuously adapt and innovate to provide many of the building blocks required by the rest of the agri-food chain.

“I thank Starch Europe for bringing us together, around a virtual table, for an open and frank debate on a topic as important as how to increase the sustainability of our food system”, said Asger Christensen MEP, who was hosting last night’s event. “I cannot stress enough how crucial it is for all actors to be talking and working together, to reach these critical goals”.

Through its more than six hundred products, from native to modified starches, through to liquid and solid sweeteners, fibres and plant-based proteins, the European Starch Industry truly sits between the farm and the fork” said Christophe Rupp-Dahlem, Starch Europe President, “and our contribution will be crucial to make the EU’s food system more sustainable”.


To know more about the European Starch Industry’s take on the proposed EU Farm to Fork Strategy, you can read StarchEurope’s position here:

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October 29, 2020