3rd StarchWorld Europe

09-10 Oct, 2018 - Strasbourg, FRANCE

Sofitel Strasbourg Grande Ile


What are the evolving usage and trade trends for tuber starches and how do they compete?

Major food manufacturers are preferring cost-effective acid-modified potato starch as an alternative gelling agent to replace materials such as gelatine and regular starch. Besides potato starch is also in high demand in the textile industry - used for textile sizing as well as the paper industry. Nevertheless, food industry remains the largest end user of potato starches. Europe is the largest market of potato starch production. At the same time, cassava starches are also highly sought-after among consumers as tapioca balls or pearls are carbohydrate-rich and gluten-free - in tune with current trend for healthy food consumption. Which of the two tuber starches will be consumed more in the future?

At CMT's 3rd StarchWorld Europe gain insights on World Markets for Potato and Tapioca Starch: A Comparison from Mr. Simon Bentley, Managing Director, Commoditia.

Plus, get an Update on Europe's Starch Markets from Mr. Jamie Fortescue, Managing Director, Starch Europe.

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August 27, 2018