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Starch is renewable and biodegradable. As such it is a well-suited raw material for the sustainable use of agricultural products in the bio-based industry. For the last 30 years, the EU starch industry has been producing bio-based products that are used as raw materials, generally replacing fossil-fuel-based ingredients, in the fermentation, chemical, cosmetics, textile, paper, plastics and detergent industries. The EU starch industry makes considerable investments in Research and Development (over 100 million Euros annually), most of it in the development of bio-based products.
The role of the bio-based products as alternatives to fossil-fuel counterparts, and their importance in developing a sustainable economy based on renewable materials in Europe, has been recognised in the EU 2020 strategy and its focus on the bioeconomy, as well as initiatives such as the Lead Market Initiative on bio-based products (November 2009 report) and the European Commission Communication of February 2012 on a bioeconomy for Europe and its associated bioeconomy Action Plan.
AAF is a strong supporter of these EU initiatives, in particular the Lead Market Initiative, and we are fully committed to playing our role in ensuring their effective implementation.

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EUBA press release on bioeconomy

   EUBA press release Bioeconomy 2.0 will help lead the EU's renewable revolution - with the right support Utrecht, 12 April 2016 On the occasion of ‘BioEconomyUtrecht2016’, the fourth Bioeconomy Stakeholders’ Conference, the European Bioeconomy Alliance (EUBA) calls on the EU to lead a worldwide transition towards a renewable, low-carbon economy. Europe has all of [...]

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Starch Europe and others launch the European Bioeconomy Alliance

Press Release Starch Europe and others launch the European Bioeconomy Alliance Brussels, 4 February 2015 - Newly-formed Bioeconomy Alliance calls for EU action. Creating a world-leading bioeconomy in the European Union requires bold political moves. On the occasion of its launch at the European Parliament on 4 February, the European Bioeconomy Alliance (EBA) calls for [...]

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AAF position on the bioeconomy

THE EUROPEAN STARCH INDUSTRY’S PAST, PRESENT AND FUTURE CONTRIBUTION TO BUILDING A BIOECONOMY IN EUROPE   The starch industry is not only an important contributor to the EU bioeconomy, it is one of its pioneers A versatile industry In 2012, the European starch industry processed about 23 million tonnes of agricultural raw materials, split between [...]

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