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The most significant input cost for the European starch industry is the cost of the agricultural raw material from which the starch is extracted. An overriding objective of the starch industry therefore is to secure a stable supply of high-quality EU agricultural raw materials at a reasonable price. Since its creation in 1959, the major policy tool of the EU which has influenced the supply, quality and price of EU agricultural raw materials has been the Common Agricultural Policy.

The Common Agricultural Policy has undergone and continues to undergo significant developments since its creation, the latest of which were the so-called CAP 2020 proposals, adopted by the EU Institutions in 2013.

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Why is 2015 the right time to abolish EU production quotas on sugar

2015 is the right time for the abolition of EU production quotas on sugar and isoglucose because it will end the outdated, unfair and uncompetitive treatment of isoglucose. The current quota regime artificially limits production of isoglucose (cereal-based sugar) to a tiny fraction (4%) of the overall EU sugar and isoglucose consumption market [...]

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